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Bohol Provincial Capitol, Tagbilaran City

Welcome the Musikang Bol-anon Station. All the songs you will find and hear on this site are all works of creative and talented musicians, performers and music producers from the Island of Bohol.

While efforts have been made to include all the works of Boholano artists and musicians, even with the advancement of modern research and the internet, we found ourselves unable to do just that. However, when the opportunity arises and probably with help from all y'all, we might be able to include some of those elusive materials in the not so distant future.

If anyone of you knows or are in possession of any material that was/is written, produced or performed by a Boholano, please give us the link to the site or email us an MP3 copy of that particular song.

Inclusion, of course, is subject to the judgment (after an evaluation) of this station's admin.

NOTE: This website is solely for the purpose of promoting Boholano music online and nothing else. If you have any question, please email the administrator at

Thank you!!!


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